domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012


You’ll never leave me

I wish I could have another minute, to finish this fairytale.
Hear your voice and get lost in it, cause all I got is broken details.
You were my world and everything in it, so how did you dissappear.
I won’t say it is over, cause you’re still here.

You’re my shadow, my shadow, I know you’re close.My shadow, my shadow, you’re everywhere I go.So I dont see the need to cry cause, you’ll never leave my life.My shadow, my shadow, oh

I won’t forget I will sit and reminisce, tell each other all our secrets.
To have you back would be my only wish (cause nobody knew me like you did).The things you knew were all writen in my diary, hide and seek open up and come and spy me.Count to ten and I dont know what to feel


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