martes, 13 de septiembre de 2011

LOVE is real,not a lie...

LOVE is not evil.
LOVE is not selfish,is give heart no matter what. 
LOVE have a little madness but not full madness at all.
LOVE is a real thing,no fake words.
LOVE is all that makes u smile n sigh.
LOVE thinks no evil.
LOVE is loyalty.
LOVE can color ur gray life.
LOVE is a mirror.
LOVE is hope.
LOVE is something that inspires to write poetry about life n nature,cause each flower,each sunrise tell us about real LOVE ...for LOVE the world was created n its for LOVE will be destroyed. 
It's good to be in LOVE because u will have the blood of captured smile on ur lips but fake love can burn us as hell...

My LOVE is real,not a lie...©LID

God gives us people to love and things to use, not things to love and people to use

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